I have this awesome deck of “Truth Bomb” cards that I get a big charge out of on a regular basis.  Created by Danielle LaPorte (author of the Desire Map), truth bombs are basically a box full of little nuggets of truth and wisdom to ponder.  I like to choose one daily to reflect and meditate on.  I also like to give them away to other people.  Sometimes, I will leave them with my lunch bill for a server, or leave one on a public bathroom mirror, gas pump, etc.


I like to think about who might find these little love notes and how it might impact them.  I am a firm believer in following those little nudges we get from the Universe to call a friend we haven’t talked to in months, extend some shape of kindness for a total stranger or send a gift to someone for no reason. These nudges don’t always make sense to us and sometimes we can talk ourselves out of doing it as quickly as it entered our mind.  We start judging the genius that rose up in our consciousness against our lame logic like “They will think I”m batshit crazy” or “They might misunderstand my intentions and they will be offended and think I’m a horrible person.”

The reality is: The Universe and its creator do not always make sense to us because…well, we are epic idiots compared to the knowing of Omnipotence.  This is why we need constant direction and guidance from the Source of all things.  You can call it God, Universe, Beyonce or whatever you like, but no matter what you call it, that source is always going to be available to expand our hearts and minds as long as we tap into it.  And yet, despite how much we may be aware of this, we can still resort to an insulting level of arrogance.  We can still find ourselves assuming our small, limiting logic, which is based solely off of our experiences, fears and the opinions of others, should hold more wisdom than the omnipotence that formed us and made us a significant part of this big, beautiful experience called life.

Often, we follow our ego and quiet that authentic voice that speaks from a bigger place.   Ironically, as I am writing this, I literally just caught myself trying to talk myself out of writing every day (a commitment I recently made to myself) because I might run out off things to write about.  That’s like saying if you workout regularly, you might run out of energy, muscle and coordination!   But alas, the Ego often tries to keep us safe in the same old places we’ve been hanging out, even when we don’t want to hang out there any longer.  It says “NO!!!!  Don’t leave the safety bubble I’ve created for us!  I know it looks like pure joy outside, but TRUST ME…it’s dangerous out there!  There is fresh air, birds, flowers, puppies, sunshine, rain.  Anything could happen! Just keep doing the same old thing inside the bubble where I can protect you from the unknown.”

Well, if that doesn’t get the embalming fluids going, I don’t know what will.

How many times do we doubt that inner voice?  How often do we convince ourselves that we can’t do something until we…(fill in lame excuse here)?  I promise you, if self-doubt were a sport, I would have been bringing home Olympic gold medals in it for decades now.  But more recently, as I’ve been working on scaling down my baggage from a U-haul to a carry-on, I’m noticing that when I do the following 3 things, life always works out better for me and those around me and I feel more like myself in the world:

  • Stay connected with Source as often as possible
  • Don’t just listen to your intuition…actually do the thing! In doing this, your actions are letting the Universe know that you BELIEVE it will support you in succeeding.
  • Remind yourself constantly that YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED.
    God would not call you to a triathalon and then chop off your arms and legs (and even if He did, He would give you prosthetics or fins or whatever else to help you succeed and that would make crossing the finish line all the more inspiring, miraculous and bad ass)!

If you are tired of getting tangled up in your own safety net, then please give these three simple steps a try.  If you enjoy navigating your daily life through the morgue of human rationale, then do nothing (but do tell the mortician I said best wishes and that I’m sorry but I won’t be seeing him anytime soon.)  And one more thing…if I ever actually do hear anyone refer to the Source of all things as Beyonce, I will drag that person by the ear into some emergency coaching sessions with me (not really, but kind of).


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