Remember the days of cassette tapes and vinyl albums?  It wasn’t that long ago, yet those days are far out of our reach and have become distant, pmusic-1436300_1280olaroid memores.  How many times, (for those of us “seasoned” enough to recall) did you pick up that needle and carefully place it back on that same inch of vinyl or rewind that one song that you just couldn’t get enough of, until your album had more scratches than a rockstar’s back or the tape became so unraveled from the confines of its neatly coiled home that no amount of turning those two little wheels could fix it?

Play….rewind….play….rewind…Like toddlers begging for one more ride on Dad’s shoulders, we couldn’t get enough of that one song.  “AGAIN!”  “AGAIN!”    You know the song.  That song that made you feel so Bad Ass that you forgot how awful you were at sports or or roller-skating or whatever you sucked at, your acne and braces disappeared into a cloud of imaginary stage fog and your jeans transformed into spandex…all in a matter of seconds.  For me, it was Nick Gilder’s “Hot Child In the City”.   Every time I hear that song, I am transported back to the 5th grade, sporting my green tough skins and my Foxy Lady Tee-shirt that I wore out as relentlessly as that super hot track on my cassette tape.  I loved the way that song made me feel.  It changed the way I saw myself, at least for that 3 minutes and 35 seconds, but that feeling often hung around long after the song was over…or at least during the minute and 1/2 it would take to rewind the song again.

Fast forward roughly 35 years later…My human tour bus has taken many twists and turns and broken down a number of times, but it has all been worth it because it has brought me right to the front row of Life…living a dream I never would have expected back then.  I am doing more of the work and play that lights my fire and less of the things that extinguish it.  I am in the business of empowering others to become their highest, healthiest selves.  The best part is that my fire is being fueled by YOU.  I love what I learn from other people’s stories and experiences.  We are all so brilliantly unique and have so much to share and give and it is an honor to be serving and growing with each of you.

Now it’s your turn….What makes YOU feel like a rock star and how long has it been since you have done that thing?  Is it time to hit the rewind button until you find it?  Go ahead…rewind….find it…do it…and then rewind, repeat, rewind, repeat.  You get the idea.


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