I’ve been receiving a recurring message from God and it’s being made very clear that He wants me to share it with you in my own special way.  So here it is:


No shade being thrown here.  This is not my opinion.  It is solid truth and it is imperative that we get our beautiful minds wrapped around it.  If you look up the definition of “weird” in any dictionary this is what you will find:


(Adjective) 1. Suggesting something supernatural, unearthly or uncanny.  2. Of strange or extraordinary character.

(Noun)  1.  A person’s destiny.

That means you are a spiritual, extraordinary and unique creature.  Pretty cool, huh?  That’s because WE are pretty cool.  We come in a divine assortment of colors, shapes, quirks, preferences, talents, beliefs, gifts and mannerisms that make each of us the perfect freaks that we are.

Unfortunately, most of us are not born connected to our inner weirdo and it takes time and often some direct battles with it in order to appreciate it for the gift it brings to the world.  As human beings, we want to stand out and yet we often do or say things (or keep silent) in order to fit in or be liked and accepted by other members of society. Isolation and rejection are some of our greatest fears and for good reason.  In past societies and in some current cultures, being rejected equates to certain death.  Despite the fact that we all deeply desire the freedom to rock our uniqueness, we are often sifting through the clearance racks for that kind of freedom.  It doesn’t occur to most of us at first that there is usually a cost for this kind of freedom that you won’t find while out poppin’ tags at the thrift shop.  It holds an immeasurable kind of price tag because it has unlimited worth.

It is in these early encounters when our weirdness causes us humiliation, punishment, heartache and rejection that we are given loving opportunities to work through our need for others to understand us and appreciate us in all our glory.  We learn to come to terms with the fact that we are all on our own journey and in different places and not everyone has to appreciate where we are…or who we are.  We figure out that we are no less just because other people don’t get us.  That is…if we are mindfully seeking truth and a rise in consciousness over superficial approval.

Let’s talk real for a moment here…Even the most professional of humans like to pretend we don’t care what anyone thinks, but we do.  We are human beings with emotions.  Of course we care.  Pretending we don’t care what anyone thinks is about as much bullshit as a film producer spending scores of dollars, time and energy on a film and insisting no one ever watch it.  We are in a place and time in the Universe that requires us to take off our rebel masks and let people see us.  We cannot have courage without vulnerability and we no longer have the luxury of hiding behind the wall labeled “I don’t care what you think.”  We aren’t fooling anyone anyway.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey.  What matters is that you take responsibility for your freaky weird essence.  The world is waiting for you to show up with bold authenticity.  The world is thirsty for YOU, as you are.  You can only be enough in this world if you know who you are and are showing up as exactly that person, otherwise, you are giving us a watered-down version of yourself…and that is never enough.

So my prayer for you and I today is that we can own our “weird” and share it with the world as the gift that it is.   Failure to do this may win us a few extra nods of approval in life, but I promise you, they won’t be worth it.  Take a look around…do you see depression, suicide, addiction, apathy, fear, violence, frustration, anxiety?  Those are symptoms of a serious Vitamin W(eird) deficiency.  And if that isn’t enough to motivate you to embrace that inner freak and let it loose on the world, then let me drop one more truth bomb on you:  It’s just downright SEXY.


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