It is there every morning to greet me when I wake up and there every night to influence my dreams…a little wall hanging that reads “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”.   I see it and it inspires me, but I often forget about it once I leave the house.  And when I’m out there moving and shaking, those words grow smaller and smaller in my mind as the day wears on.  I hadn’t realized how much of its meaning had gotten lost for me along the road of struggle, disappointment, frustration, and heartache until the opportunity of a life time blew me a kiss.

I didn’t recognize her at first.  She came in disguise and just appeared one day across my laptop screen in the form of a video from Mindvalley Academy.  This is when she reached into my soul and stirred violently until a flood of emotions was boiling over and pouring out of me.  Of the many emotions being released into this spiritual broth being created before my eyes, the main ingredient was DESIRE.  A BURNING, UNSTOPPABLE LONGING.  I listened to Mindvalley Academy founder, Vishen Lakhiani, talk about a whole new concept on education that brings people of all ages, backgrounds, places and experiences together for 1 month every year to learn, network and grow together by immersing themselves in workshops and programs given by some of the most influential leaders, entrepreneurs, authors/speakers, spiritual teachers and healers in the world.  He called it Mindvalley University.

I was in love.  I put my daughters in front of my laptop and shared it with them.  I posted it on social media, I talked about it to others.  I was celebrating the positive shift of consciousness that this was going to create in the Universe…and that shift was already in motion.  As much as my heart burned for it, I think my original thought around it was that I was happy to see it was an option for people because many educational systems are not conducive to the needs of every learner.  I was missing the very important element that this could ever be an option for ME.

As the months went by and I saw emails and posts on how this whole thing was shaping up, I burned for it in a more personal way.  2017 has been a year of personal growth and creating for me.  I’ve been turning inward, working on myself and ways that i’ve been getting in my own way.  I’ve been exploring new territory, manifesting with more intention, building a deeper connection with my intuition and creating new content.  As a result, there isn’t much on my calendar right now and my bank account is looking more and more like a book of bad jokes as a result.  But something inside of me was beginning to feel a more intense energetic pull toward this Mindvalley University dream.

Within the last couple of months, I have manifested many blessings in my life and my life has begun to look and feel different in unexpected ways.  So a couple of weeks ago, upon receiving another email about this amazing opportunity that is taking place in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, I decided I would at least fill out an application for shits and giggles.

Keeping in mind that they were only accepting 400 applications out of thousands and that the kind of people who are associated with Mindvalley Academy are serious Freedom Hustlers and Game-Changers on the planet, this all felt a bit intimidating.  As I read through the information they were seeking, I did that thing I always do.  I doubted myself and tried to tell myself no.  As I read their request for “some accomplishments you are most proud of” my heart sank.  And my inner chatter sounded something like this:

Terrified, Lame, Ego-Driven Self:  “Looks like you’re done here.  You haven’t done anything impressive that anyone is going to see as an accomplishment.”

Bad Ass Self:  (After a brief moment of rapidly deflating energy)  “The Hell I haven’t!”  Hold my cape while I remind you about the fire I’ve been walking through for the last 6 years:  I got out of an unhealthy marriage, despite the fact that I still had mad love for him and never wanted to see my family break up.  But sometimes, you are left with few options and I had to take the one that wasn’t going to eventually destroy us all.  It cost me much to get my personal freedom back and take control of my life.  I started out with no job, no child support, no place to live and few possessions, but I had a purpose and a mission already in place and I never stopped moving towards it.  I knew nothing about running a business, but chose that challenging route knowing that I was going to struggle financially in the beginning no matter what, so I had better make sure I love what I do and that it means everything to me or it won’t be enough to get me out of bed in the morning.  And I’ve been getting out of bed every day with a joyful, passionate heart, even when I’m terrified and broke.  And it hasn’t always been pretty, but I’m still here doing my thing six years later and my daughters are getting first-hand schooling in what an awakened, authentic life looks like (and hopefully I’ve also taught them plenty about what NOT to do through my impressive collection of failures).  I’d say that’s an accomplishment worth recognizing.”

Terrified, Lame, Ego-Driven Self:  “Fine, whatever, but look they want a website and you still haven’t finished yours.  And what are you thinking anyway, you can’t afford this?  This is for successful people who already make big money and can afford to take off for a month.  Filling this application out is just irresponsible and you’re gonna look stupid!”

Bad Ass Self:  “I’m not taking off for a month – this is a month of work, of being way out of my comfort zone and being influenced by people who are further along the path than I am…this is where real shit happens.  I’m sending it and you won’t stop me this time.”

Terrified, Lame, Ego-Driven Self:  (Silence…crickets in the background).

Is this sounding familiar to anyone?  I still didn’t have the whole picture of HOW all of this would happen, but the YES from the Universe resounded the moment I hit the “submit application” button.  “Submit” indeed.  Right after I saw that my application had been sent, I wept uncontrollably.  It was very clear to me right then that everything was already in motion and that I would be in Barcelona in a few short weeks.

Now if anyone reading this is tempted to think that this was easy for me, let me turn that notion on its ass real quick.  This opportunity did not just fall into my lap.  I had to say yes to a lot, which isn’t always easy for me (or most people).  I had to say yes to believing it could even be a possibility.  I had to say yes to the unknown.  I had to say yes to the dance with my fear and anxiety that was plaguing me, especially around being away from my daughters for a whole month.  I had to say yes to a month of very little income stream and rescheduling some things.  I had to say yes to being out of my comfort zone, not speaking the language and traveling alone (this is a woman who used to be afraid to drive in DC, let alone travel across the globe by herself).  God took care of HOW, but I had to do my part to believe and agree to that undeniable longing that never lies.  That is true for all of us.

If we are going to be the most professional humans we can be on this planet, we have to say yes to things that our minds are often wanting to say no to in order to protect us from any possible unpleasantries.  I am willing to take some risks and I’m learning to take bigger onKD Paddle boardes.  This is an opportunity that I simply cannot pass up and I already know it will bring far more emotional, spiritual, professional and personal return than what it will ever cost me.  The real truth is this:  All it cost me was one word “YES”.

Anyone can do what I’m doing…the biggest step is saying yes to the possibility.  I want a life that makes me and everyone else uncomfortable.  I want a life that stretches me so I can look back and see how I’ve grown and be reminded in magical ways that faith works.  I want and choose life.  Our big risks and choices will come in different shapes and sizes for all of us, only you can say if you are playing a big enough game.  But the real questions is:  Are you even playing at all?

What is possible for you?  What will you say yes to today?

To learn more about Mindavalley University and Mindvalley Academy, check this out:


One thought on “What is possible for you is what is possible for you.

  1. My renewal last summer began with MindValley….a year later I can say I find tremendous value with the folks Vishen brings on. You are perfect now, and I can only imagine your building on that for a month in Spain! You matter so much and will continue to inspire others with your courage to live out the possibilities! Love, love, love you.


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