18951370_10154727416977685_2800854125178326557_nMy month-long adventure here in Barcelona is rapidly coming to a close.  There is so much more I would like to do here in the next 6 days before I leave and I know I won’t be able to cover a fraction of those things, even if I had another month or a year.  I’ve only been to the beach a few times, despite the fact that it only takes about an hour to walk there or 10 minutes by taxi.  I have seen very few tourist attractions and been to few restaurants.  I’ve done very little shopping even though there are pretty things in the windows of the shops that line every street on my regular walks to and from my place to the venue where our work spaces are and workshops are held.

I’ve spent most of my time in workshops, doing yoga and other forms of movement with new friends, communing with other Mindvalley U participants, dance-walking around town and taking in the city, dancing in the plazas with my tribe and total strangers and giving daily hugs and little gestures of love to a homeless man who sits on the corner near my place.  Some people might say that I’ve wasted many perfect opportunities to see the sites of Barcelona and take in all the rich history.  It’s not that those things do not matter to me.  It’s just that I only have 1 month and those are not the things I feel are most important.  I’m sure that many people have covered more ground and checked off an impressive list of attractions in a week’s time than I’ve even come close to in my month here.  But so far,  I’ve seen and done what I came here to do.  I came here to grow, to learn, to be stretched, to dance, to take in the culture and to share the human experience with other souls who are also trying to be total pros at being a human being on planet earth.  And, that is exactly what has happened so far.  I have no regrets.  There is nothing so far that I feel I have missed out on.

It doesn’t matter where I go, I tend to avoid the places most tourists go.  I don’t need the crash course on the culture.  I would much rather experience a city on a deeper level through her streets, her small businesses, her homeless, her children, her people and how they respond to strangers, especially strangers who just want to dance with them and share a moment communicating in a beautiful universal language.   I have done these things and it feels perfect.  I came to give Barcelona a big hug and kiss and I made love to her instead (and the party isn’t even over yet).

I can learn about the tourist attractions online.  I can study the history in a book.  But I can only experience Barcelona by getting naked and intimate with her (and though it’s legal to walk around naked, I only meant that metaphorically, just to be clear…though I might want to add that experience to my bucket list, so one never knows what could change over the next few days).  The same is true wherever you go and with whomever you share space with.  You can only know them by engaging in open, vulnerable communication, both listening and sharing and looking into their eyes.  And you can’t even do that until you purchase your ticket for life and show up.  The rest will take care of itself.


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